A lot of concepts in the lab and there are many new terms just handed to the kids (insulator, conductor, electrons, negative and positive charges).  I think that there are good things here but it moves too quickly for a novice.  I think it would be better if it would be broken up and cover one new concept at a time (sticky tape = likes repel and opposites attract).  I don't know if there are any simulations of triboelectric phenomena or not but I think this might be a good idea before presenting the idea of positive/negative.  I guess I would like to know what the reason was historically for those terms why not electric/anti-electric or amber/silk or yellow/white????  Then students can be introduced to the terms conductor/insulator.  Josie shared an idea of having the students form a human circle circuit with an "insulator" or a "conductor" so students see the effects and therefore define these themselves.  Then I would might have the students expand upon the introductory sticky tape lab to investigate how to remove charges, which is positive/negative, and the difference between induction and polarization.


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